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    Full service, rapid-fast web hosting and email services are handled by Potato Care.


    All of your software and plugin updates are handled by Potato Care.


    Up to twice daily, remote backups are taken of your site for quick restoration under Potato Care.




WordPress websites operate in a more fluid way than old-school, standard HTML web pages. In the past, websites were coded once and lived on forever with the same set of code that they were born with. WordPress sites, however, are constantly evolving. WordPress consistently receives code work updates to help add features and keep your website secure.

Themes, which control the way your website looks, plugins, which control features, security, backups, and technical support are all a part of the ever-changing WordPress landscape. We don’t want you to get lost in the woods when updates come around. Allow us to navigate those updates for you. Think of Metal Potato as the farmers of this ever-changing land.

Okay farmer, tell me about Potato Care. Is it a stew? No. It’s not a stew. But we wish it was. Actually, a pizza might be better.

Potato Care is a Hosting and WordPress Maintenance program. And it’s about three things:

Minimising website downtime: The frequency and duration of downtime is within your control. With a good WordPress maintenance program like Potato Care, downtime can be very rare and limited to the time it takes to restore a backup of your website. (Often, minutes.)

Reducing your costs: Some downtime is inevitable. And, it is expensive. Potato Care not only minimises downtime, it also takes care of troubleshooting, applying website patches, fixing problems and quickly restoring your website to get you back to normal operations. And because Potato Care is billed monthly at a fair rate, you won’t be left with a shocking, unexpected bill for a breakdown. Potato Care keeps you online longer and allows you to budget safely for the unexpected.

Giving you peace of mind: You’re already familiar with our work. You know we take care of our customers at Metal Potato. Let us handle the most technical aspects of your website for you while you kick back and enjoy the benefits of a modern, responsive web design.

Metal Potato Web Hosting

Potato Care is brought to you by Metal Potato, an international, responsive web design company based in Devon, UK. Potato Care is an additional resource to completely round out our web design services. We believe the best team to maintain your website is the team that built it, so we built Potato Care to take care of you.


All websites require hosting in order to appear on the internet. Often, a website’s design, hosting and support needs are handled by separate companies, and that can delay your response when a problem arises. Bringing them all in-house, under one roof significantly reduces problem response time and website restoration time. Hey, we also provide some seriously fast hosting services to make sure people enjoy a fast website while they are visiting.
You can certainly do so, but it’s risky. Plugin updates sometimes clash with other plugins. And that can cause unintentional conflict with features within your website. As we’re trained to deal with WordPress plugin updates, and have extensive experience in helping them all work together quickly after an update, we think the benefits of Potato Care outweigh a DIY approach.
Potato Care comes with 30 minutes of built-in support time per issue. If a problem requires longer to fix, a reasonable quote will be provided to you for the time required to fix it.
We really mean 24/7. We're working for you not only during the normal, Monday-Friday work week. We're also monitoring your website over the weekend to make sure your protection doesn't take a break when you do.
No, but we hope that you do host with us. One of the most effective aspects of Potato Care is having all of your web services under one, strong roof. Contact us if you only want maintenance.
No. Our monthly service is billed using a recurring monthly subscription and charges your debit card each month. There are no contracts to sign, setup fees or cancellation fees. Bear in mind if you do cancel, you will need to find another WordPress hosting provider, and migrate your websites and email accounts to that provider before you cancel. We value our customers and if you are having any issues, please contact us to allow us to find a solution.
Of course. If you are part of Potato Care, we will likely discover the hack before you do. Either way, being part of the Potato Care family means we will work around the clock until we get your service back online. Backups are taken at midnight each day and stored in an off-site data centre. All backups are kept for 6 months on a rolling basis.
Sorry, we don’t build new sites, but our parent company does. They specialise in mobile-friendly, responsive web design for business and eCommerce. You can find them at MetalPotato.com